The Stanley Neuropathology Consortium Integrative Database

The Stanley Neuropathology Consortium Integrative Database is a web-based tool that integrates SMRI data sets and analysis software.


Data sets used in the SNCID

  • 2636 neuropathology markers from a total of 12 different brain regions
  • 17 expression microarray datasets
  • Genome-wide SNP data
  • Individually genotyped SNP data
  • Raw data using array collection (105 cases) is now available to download
  • Next generation sequencing data (RNAseq) data will be available soon
About The Stanley Neuropathology Consortium

The Neuropathology Consortium is a collection of 60 brains, consisting of 15 each diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or major depression, and unaffected controls. The four groups are matched by age, sex, race, postmortem interval, pH, side of brain, and mRNA quality as summarized in the Demographic Details Chart.

Coded specimens are sent to researchers with the code varying from researcher to researcher to ensure that all studies are blinded. The code is released to the researcher only when the data have been collected and submitted to SMRI.

Further information about tissue availability, conditions for tissue use and how to request tissue is available of the SMRI homepage.